Winter League 2017/18

By October 13, 2017Uncategorized

Hi all,


So the AGM and registration for the forthcoming Winter league took place at the Reform Club on Wednesday evening.


We have a record 24 teams registered for the season. Divided into two league of 12.

The date for first fixture is Wednesday 25th October.

We have a couple of changes to the league format put forward and voted on at the AGM, they are:


BLIND PLAYER NAMING … From now on each teams captain will write down each player independently of each other unlike in the past where the home team captain was written first and the away team captaining choosing the opponent after witnessing who he/she will play.


LAGGING FOR BREAK…  From now on at the start of each game, the players taking part will lag to decide who breaks (If you’re not sure what lagging is ask someone or Google it!). In the doubles, one of the doubles pair will lag for the pairing. The Refereeing will continue to be alternated with the away team reffing the first game.


Good Luck all…

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