LCPL CUP/PLATE Results and Draw…

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Results from Wednesday night:
Rogue Traders beat The Pub
Melbourne A beat Lancaster Uni A
Bowerham Blues beat Ring O’ Bells
Bowerham Reds beat Reform A
Plate results…
Bowerham Greens beat The Bobbin A
Squires beat The Bobbin B
The Park beat Uni Of Cumbria
Railway Club w/o Stonewell Tavern
Lancaster Uni C beat Melbourne B
Hornets Bar beat Lancaster Uni B
Reform B w/o BYE
White Cross w/o BYE
The draw for the semi finals of the Cup is as follows…
(Home team drawn first)
Melbourne A V Bowerham Reds
Bowerham Blues V Rogue Traders
these matches are to be played March 29th
The draw for the Quarter finals of the plates is as follows…
(home team drawn first)
Park Rangers V Reform B
Squires V Hornets Bar
Railway Club V White Cross
Lancaster Uni C V Bowerham Greens
these matches are to be played on April 26th
The dates for the plate have changed slightly from the paper copies you have. The quarters are now on the 26th April, with the semis and final the following two weeks respectively.
Best of luck to all…

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