LCPL Cup and Plate draws…

By December 7, 2018Uncategorized

Below are the draws for the last 16 of this years cup/plate.

These games are to be played on Wednesday 23rd January.

Remember, in the event of a tie, matches will be decided by shootout.


Home teams are drawn first.



Golden Lion V Melbourne A

Rogue Traders V Bowerham Reds

Skerton Lib/Reform Rel. V Hornets Bar A

Boars Head V Lancaster Uni A

White Cross V Lancaster Uni B

Bobbin A, Reform Rebels and Squires have BYES.



Skerton Lib/Reform Rel. V Lancaster Uni C

Lancaster Uni Women V Railway Club

Park Rangers V Uni Of Cumbria

Bowerham Greens V Melbourne B

The County V The Pub

Bobbin B, Hornets Bar B and Park B have BYES.

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