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Okay, the draw you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath is here….

We ended up with 36 entrants for the singles and 23 pairs for the doubles so there is a small preliminary round for each knockout.

The entrants drawn first are the ‘home’ team and have the honour of deciding the venue for the match, it is up to the ‘away’ entrant to contact their opponent to arrange the match.

All prelim matches must be completed by the end of February. In the singles, all last 32 matches and in the doubles all last 16 matches must be completed by the end of March. All these games will be best of 7 format, lagging for first break, alternate after. The victor is responsible for getting the score to a member of the committee (just post it on here).

The last 16 in the singles and the last 8 pairs in the doubles will compete at finals day.


Preliminary round:

Paul Thompson v Craig Dodd
Jak Newby v Ashley Lord
Dean Worthington v Chris Scurr
Ben Clifton v Sam Lay

Last 32:

Luke Baldwin v Dean Worthington/Chris Scurr
Ashley Lord/Jak Newby v Ian Corless
Martin Cartwright v Jamie Gibson
Rob Shepherd v Jay Willman
Tom Jones v Christopher Marwood
Clement Aye v Dan Britton
Vince Smith v David Kirkpatrick
Gav Hargreaves v Mark Deardon
Mike Robert Logan v David Allewell
Sam Lay/Ben Clifton v Andrew Gibson
Michael Wolfenden v Tony Haslam
Mark Pigeon Johnson v Paul Thompson/Craig Dodd
Cian Jarvis v James Rankin
Chris Courtney v Mick Pearson
Mark Cullinan v Mands Peapod Pearson
Joseph Ruddock v Richard Standen


Preliminary round:

Peter Hale & Glenn Wilson v Michael Wolfenden & Dean Worthington
Jak Newby & Ross Tetlow v Craig Dodd & James Silverwood
Jamie Gibson & Andrew Gibson v Sam Lay & Cian Jarvis
Dave McIntrye & Daniel Hossack v Mark Deardon & April Zhou
David Kirkpatrick & Tony Haslam v Chris Marwood & Martin Cartwright
David Allewell & Chris Scurr v Karl Hooley & Chris Teahan
Gav Hargreaves & Matthew Elliston v Alfie Slater & Laura Jones

Last 16:

Mandy Pearson & Bruce Redpath v P. Hale & G.Wilson/M.Wolfenden & D. Worthington

D. Kirkpatrick & T. Haslam /C. Marwood & M. Cartwright v Ian Corless & Luke Baldwin

D. Allewell & C. Scurr/K. Hooley & C. Teahan v Joe Ruddock & Dan Britton

Richard Standen & Mick Pearson v J.Newby & R. Tetlow/C Dodd & J Silverwood

Ashley Lord & Mike Logan v Ben Clifton & Matt Hutchinson

Peter Corke & James Gardner v Rob Shepherd & Chris Courtney

Paul Thompson & Chris Whitehead v J. Gibson & A. Gibson/S. Lay & C. Jarvis

G. Hargreaves & M. Elliston/A. Slater & L. Jones v D. Mcintyre & D. Hossack/M. Deardon & A. Zhou

Best of luck to all! …

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