Welcome to the Lancaster Pool League

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A big congratulations to…

Melbourne A – 1st Division Champions

Tony Haslam – 1st Division Merit Leader

Melbourne A – Cup Winners

Squires – 2nd Division Champions

Lancaster Uni C – League Plate Winners

Craig Dodd – LCPL Singles Champion

Joe Ruddock – 2nd Division Merit Leader

League Cup preliminary round draw…

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The draw for the preliminary round of the league cup has been made.

This will take place on Wednesday 3rd of January. Of the 24 teams taking part this season, 16 have been drawn to play in this preliminary round. The losers will go into the draw for the plate event, along with the losers of the first round proper.

In the event of a tie in these games, we will be using the shootout system that was introduced last season.

The draw is as follows:

(home team drawn first)

Squires v The Pub B
Bowerham Blues V Uni Of Cumbria
Melbourne A V Reform Rebels
Reform Eggheads V Melbourne B
Bowerham Dynamos v Bowerham Reds
Rogue Traders V Bowerham Greens
Lancaster Uni C V White Crossdressers
The Bobbin V Golden Lion

Any teams not drawn here have a BYE to the first round.

Good luck to all…

Winter League 2017/18

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Hi all,


So the AGM and registration for the forthcoming Winter league took place at the Reform Club on Wednesday evening.


We have a record 24 teams registered for the season. Divided into two league of 12.

The date for first fixture is Wednesday 25th October.

We have a couple of changes to the league format put forward and voted on at the AGM, they are:


BLIND PLAYER NAMING … From now on each teams captain will write down each player independently of each other unlike in the past where the home team captain was written first and the away team captaining choosing the opponent after witnessing who he/she will play.


LAGGING FOR BREAK…  From now on at the start of each game, the players taking part will lag to decide who breaks (If you’re not sure what lagging is ask someone or Google it!). In the doubles, one of the doubles pair will lag for the pairing. The Refereeing will continue to be alternated with the away team reffing the first game.


Good Luck all…

STONEWELL TAVERN removed from the league…

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Due to not fulfilling fixtures the Stonewell Tavern will be taking no further part in the season.

Results and player stats from their fixtures during the first half of the season will still stand. Results and player stats from games in the 2nd half of the season have been removed.

So if your stat has changed in an unexpected way, this will be why.

Obviously all their remaining fixtures will be a free week for the team concerned, so be aware of this.

LCPL CUP/PLATE Results and Draw…

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Results from Wednesday night:
Rogue Traders beat The Pub
Melbourne A beat Lancaster Uni A
Bowerham Blues beat Ring O’ Bells
Bowerham Reds beat Reform A
Plate results…
Bowerham Greens beat The Bobbin A
Squires beat The Bobbin B
The Park beat Uni Of Cumbria
Railway Club w/o Stonewell Tavern
Lancaster Uni C beat Melbourne B
Hornets Bar beat Lancaster Uni B
Reform B w/o BYE
White Cross w/o BYE
The draw for the semi finals of the Cup is as follows…
(Home team drawn first)
Melbourne A V Bowerham Reds
Bowerham Blues V Rogue Traders
these matches are to be played March 29th
The draw for the Quarter finals of the plates is as follows…
(home team drawn first)
Park Rangers V Reform B
Squires V Hornets Bar
Railway Club V White Cross
Lancaster Uni C V Bowerham Greens
these matches are to be played on April 26th
The dates for the plate have changed slightly from the paper copies you have. The quarters are now on the 26th April, with the semis and final the following two weeks respectively.
Best of luck to all…


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Well done to winning teams on Wednesday night, we had 3 dramatic penalty shootout deciding games, unlucky to the losers!

All is not lost however, all losing teams have been put into the draw for the plate.

The draw for quarter finals of the cup is as follows..

(Home team drawn first)

Rogue Traders V The Pub
Melbourne A V Lancaster Uni A
Bowerham Reds V Reform A
Ring O’Bells V Bowerham Blues

The draw for the last 16 of the plate is as follows…

White Cross V BYE
Lancaster Uni B V Hornets Bar
Bowerham Greens V The Bobbin A
Squires V The Bobbin B
Reform B V BYE
University Of Cumbria V Park Rangers
Railway Club V Stonewell Tavern
Lancaster Uni C V Melbourne B

All matches to be played on Wednesday March 1st.


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The draw for the last 16 to be played on Wednesday 1st February is as follows…


(Home team drawn first)

Hornets Bar V Melbourne A

Ring O’ Bells V Squires

The Pub V University of Cumbria

Lancaster Uni A V Park Rangers

Reform A V Lancaster Uni C

Rogue Traders V White Cross

The Bobbin B V Bowerham Blues

Bowerham Reds V Lancaster Uni B


Following these matches, the losing teams will join the defeated teams from the preliminary round in entering the draw for the plate to be played March 1st.


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We serendipitously got exactly 32 entries.

So firstly the draw is as follows…

Cameron Rafferty (Uni B) V Paul Thompson (White X)
Mike Robert Logan (Park) V Ryan Agnew (Squires)
Dan Britton (Rogue Traders) V John Janes (Park)
James Silverwood (Mel A) V Max Shepherd (Uni C)
Jay Willman (White X) V David Allewell (Uni A)
Maxine Armstrong (Bobbin A) V Ashley Lord (Rogue Traders)
Pascal Pearce (Bobbin B) V Luke Baldwin (Mel A)
Mick Pearson (Bow Reds) V Craig Dodd (Mel A)
Aidan Lamb (Squires) V John Glaister (Bob B)
Mark Cullinan (Bow Blues) V Ian Corless (Mel A)
Michael Reilly (Traders) V Joseph Ruddock (Traders)
Sam Lay (Uni C) V Ben Clifton (Park)
David Kirkpatrick (Mel A) V Richard Standen (Bow Reds)
Tony Haslam (Squires) V Andy Smith (Uni A)
Tom Jones (Bob A) V Dave Armitage (Mel A)
James Davies (Park) V Dagie Heward (Hornets Bar)

The first player drawn is the ‘home’ player. As such they have preference of venue, they don’t have to play on their own table, and can agree a venue with their opponent as necessary. It is also their task to contact the ‘away’ player to arrange a date for the fixture.

This round of games must be played by the 28th of February, this gives players ample time to arrange a suitable date.

The match will be best of 7 frames.

Could the winning player please either post the result on here or text me the result.

Best of luck to all…


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This year there are no set dates in the calendar to play the matches. Instead players will be given an allocated amount of time to arrange their matches themselves.

To enter the knockout a list of entries from teams with a £5 entry fee per player is required to either myself, Joe Ruddock, Tom Jones, Peter Corke or given in behind the bar at Squires by no later than Wednesday 18th January.

Full details on the format will be released with the draw which will take place at midday, Friday 20th January at Squires.

The date for the finals day will be set when the Interleague fixtures are released in January. A date can’t be set before then for fear of clashes.

Tony Haslam is our current champion and needs to be knocked off his perch! So get your entries in and be the person to lift the 2017 trophy


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The draw for the preliminary round of the league cup to be played on January 4th is as follows…

Home team drawn first.

Bowerham Greens V The Bobbin B

Reform A V Melbourne B

Stonewell Tavern V Melbourne A

The Bobbin A V The Pub

Lancaster Uni A V Reform B

Railway Club V Hornets bar

The remaining teams will have a BYE into the last 16 proper.

The format will be the same as the league format. In the event of a tied game there will be a ‘penalty shootout’ to decide the outcome.

How will this work? …

Teams nominate 4 players written on an order of play sheet and toss a coin to decide which team takes the first shot.

Players take it in turns to try and pot the black ball, positioned on the black spot, with the cue ball anywhere behind the baulk line. If a team pots, they score a point, similar to a football penalty shootout – players only get one shot to pot the ball in any pocket. If the white goes in-off, then it is a miss.

If a team doesn’t have 4 players then the player missing will be deemed to have missed their shot. If a tie occurs after 4 shots each, then it goes to sudden death – where any further players teams have on the night can take a shot if they so wish, if everyone’s played a shot and a winner hasn’t been decided, recycle the order.

These games are to be played on the night and not re-arranged, teams not able to make the fixture will forfeit the match.

Best of luck all.